WTFMan domain for sale
Well, it's been a long time coming, but I think it's time to put old yeller out of his misery.

My friend has stopped hosting the site for free. It's just not worth spending any money to keep the site online for the few people that come here to look at posts from back when we were updating more than once every year or so. I'd love to keep it online forever because I too am a fan of nostalgia, but if I can get some decent money for the domain name, then it's gone.

I'm in talks with one guy now who has expressed interest passingly over the years, so it's possible that will pan out, but who knows. In either case, the domain is up for grabs. If you have a lot of money and you insist on throwing it at me, then send me an email.

For those of you who come here occasionally because you miss the good old days and this site fills that need for you, I'm sorry. The fans really came together for some neat stuff in my life. The first JoV dungeon crawl 21 years ago (holy shit!) which spawned a gaming guild that still lives on to this day, our several attempts at hosting private UO servers and all of the crazy amount of interactions I've had with you guys in game, via email and on the forums. You guys are why I did this site. It wasn't for ego - it was for the fans.

Thank you for that.

Edit: for those asking, the best offer I've gotten is $7500, but I think it's worth in the five figure range since it's a six letter domain, has humor value and with the right strategy/fit it could really turn into something (again).