Honor Bound I/II & Chaos Bound

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Honor Bound I/II & Chaos Bound

Postby Sleiz » Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:43 pm

Was reminiscing with an old friend about UO and he reminded me of the servers wtfman put on. I think Mustang put together HBI and Greybeard HBII. I can't remember who lead Chaos Bound but I was wondering if anyone had any old screenshots or stories from those shards. It's all kind of a blur but I remember a lot of fun times over the short period those servers were around. I vaguely remember one of them having races and a really well designed Elf town that was a tree top fort. I believe is was Chaos Bound that one of the GM's Havok let me turn one of the building in the back of Moonglow into a bar that we ran player events out of.

Hopefully someone stumbles across this and has some info/pictures.

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